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Funding student research projects

Funding New Futures

Supporting research and scholarship in social justice. 

How to get mini-grant?


Become eligible by participating in Institute or SOE sponsored events.


Develop a proposal.


Conduct a student-led research project or scholarly product.


Present your findings at the Anti-racist SOE Colloquium.


2020: The Anti-racist Research Program

This program is in response to a need to interrogate the influence that anti-Blackness has on contemporary approaches to schooling in K–12 and higher education contexts. Our goal for this program is to support rigorous, intellectually ambitious, and methodologically sound antiracist research and scholarship that is relevant to the most pressing questions and compelling opportunities for education. Awardees will present their emergent work  at the Antiracism in the SOE Colloquium tentatively scheduled for early May 2021. 

The guidelines and language for the Call For Proposals will be established and EDAC, along with student volunteers, will serve as the reviewing body for all proposals. During 2020-2021 academic year, direct grants will be made to students ranging from $500-$2500.