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The Race and Social Justice Institute is a structured set of learning opportunities to engage doctoral students in the intellectual and creative work in decolonizing educational space and building toward educational justice.

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The Institute will be offering three short courses with 4-5 sessions with nationally-recognized scholars and public intellectuals in the fall and a special topics course in the winter. 

These short courses will be staggered across the fall term to allow for students to participate in multiple offerings. Each sessions of a short course will be 2 hours. The short courses are respectively focused on Black intellectual THOUGHT in education, the harnessing of collective POWER of young people, and focusing on CREATION of new educational futures. These courses can be taken individually or as part of a series to experience moving from thought, conceptualizing power, and toward creation of your own anti-racist designs. 

The work of creation will carry into the winter for those who wish to enroll in Sketching the Scope and Structure of a Racial Justice Knowledge Base/Examining the Political and Ethical Dimensions of Design, facilitated by Pamela Moss, James Hammond, and Maisie Gholson. In this course, we will be building a digital knowledge base focused on anti-racism.

You may be wondering...

Why join?

The Institute is seeking to hold institutional space to address the need for a scholarly community invested in the study of justice in education with a specific focus on the role of race. Your participation is part of building a dedicated programs and coursework designed to address educational inequality.

How does this it work?

The Institute works though collaborative efforts between the Faculty Ally, Student Allies, the dije Office leadership, and the Chair of Educational Studies, as well as individual faculty members.

What is the future of the Institute?

One aspiration for the Institute is to offer foundational literacies in race and social justice for all incoming doctoral students, as part of updates to our doctoral program.