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Mentoring and Training

We fulfill our mission and reach our goals as a collective of persons with similar values, including a commitment to the development of future generations of scholars and leaders.  The sustainability of our vision rests partially on our multiple mentoring model, which encourages bidirectional mentoring and coaching, as well as peer support.

As mentors, we strive to foster students’ research self-efficacy and encourage students to “own” their research projects and develop identities as researchers.  With all of our students, but especially for those who are underrepresented, underserved, and/or non-traditional, we acknowledge and recognize the various barriers and challenges they may encounter and we attempt to nurture and build on students existing strengths (e.g., personal, familial, cultural).

DRPP welcomes underrepresented/underserved students who are writing dissertations on diversity related topics.  Students who are working on their proposals as well as those who are preparing for their pre-oral and final oral defense are welcome. The group meets on an “as needed” basis, with many students asking for feedback on presentations, documents, etc.   While the majority of attendees are students affiliated with the School of Education, other students are welcome to join.

Dr. Bowman (DRPP Director) advises several CSHPE masters students.  In addition, both Dr. Ebreo and Dr. Bowman work with students through the Masters Research Opportunity Program.   

Dr. Bowman and Dr. Ebreo encourage and welcome undergraduates as members of our research team(s), and have actively mentored at least students since 2008.  DRPP affiliates have also mentored students in UM’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program and the Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Summer Research Opportunity Program.