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Senior Staff

Principal Investigators:
Phillip J. Bowman, Ph.D., is Director of the National Center for Institutional Diversity and Professor in the Center for the Study of Postsecondary and Higher Education. Dr. Bowman is a social psychologist with a strong interest in the use of innovative research methods to address critical diversity issues in higher education, human development, and social policy. His scholarship focuses on diversity issues in quantitative research methodology, public policy, and the higher education pipeline; social psychological issues in racial/ethnic disparities and related multilevel interventions across the life course, and African American Studies. Dr. Bowman oversees the project, monitors the research progress and relationships between the collaborators and the research team, and collaborates on publications. [email protected]

Deborah Carter, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Education at the University of Michigan. Her research interests focus on access and equality and economic status in higher education—particularly as they relate to race and socioeconomic status. Dr. Carter oversees the qualitative component of the project and assists with supervising the work of the graduate research assistants who work on this component. [email protected]

Project Director:
Angela Ebreo, Ph.D., is Assistant Director for Research and Training at the National Center for Institutional Diversity. She has served as the Project Director for several funded projects, including an NIH research supplement and a multi-ethnic student study. Within educational contexts, Dr. Ebreo’s work focuses on understanding cultural and contextual factors in the mobilization of protective resources for at-risk students. Dr. Ebreo coordinates the work of the graduate research assistants who work on the quantitative components of the project, which includes data analysis, conducting meetings with the project partners and consultants, as well as collaborating on publications. [email protected]

Research Investigator:
Akiko Kamimura, Ph.D., is Research Associate for the project. She received her Ph.D. in Health Services Organization and Policy at the University of Michigan in May 2010 and started working at NCID in the same month. At NCID, Dr. Kamimura has developed the data collection protocol and interviewer training programs for the telephone survey, and has worked on the quality control of the interviews and data. She is also creating databases for the telephone and mail surveys. Her main research interests include social determinants of health, health disparities, immigrant health, health care seeking, and survey research methods. Once her work with NCID is completed, she plans on continuing her research in health services. Her experience with NCID would strengthen her skills and knowledge of survey research methods and of training student research assistants.