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Organizations Outside of University of Michigan

Center for Immigrant Resources and Community Arts – Pintig (CIRCAPintig)

CIRCA-Pintig believes in the power of the arts for engaging community members in building and nurturing thriving communities that are fully empowered to determine their collective destinies. CIRCAPintig’s vision of a just and humane society rests upon the core belief that immigrant communities can play a significant role and can contribute meaningfully towards upholding human rights for all and uplifting the human ideals that value life, freedom, justice and nurture individual human potentials to the fullest. In the light of its vision, CIRCAPintig educates, mobilizes, and organizes community members, primarily immigrants and their families, through community arts-based and community-centered intergenerational programs and services.

Understanding Interventions that Broaden Participation in Science (UI)

Understanding Interventions (UI) recognizes the chronic underrepresentation of specific populations in STEM education and careers. The mission of Understanding Interventions is to: 1. inform scholarship and practice in mutually beneficial ways for scholars and program directors/staff; 2. develop and enhance the community that understands and utilizes the results of educational interventions and 3. provide training and professional development for all STEM personnel. UI’s goal is not to make every member of the community a social scientist or an immersed in a technical literature. Rather, UI seeks to develop strategies and offer tools to aid practitioners in serving students and accumulating knowledge.